Advantages of Using Linux VPS Hosting

Advantages of Using Linux VPS Hosting

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Linux VPS Hosting –

Since nearly a decade, we have seen the popularity of Virtual private server (VPS) or Web hosting services. With the increase in virtualization there is increase in requirement, quality of technology and functionality. Increase in Linux VPS hosting is due to rise of startups and companies preferring VPS over other hosting services to host their website or web application today. We have identified few reasons for popularity of Linux VPS Hosting and how it could be a popular business in the future.

Reliable and Stable

Linux VPS hosting is considered to be more reliable and stable for the basic hosting needs. With emerge of VPS hosting shared hosting will find an end and become the past as the reliability of shared web hosting is losing its credibility by hosting thousands and thousands of customers on same server.

Your website’s uptime can be impacted, hacked or go down while your sharing your web space with many others on the same server. Since the servers accommodate plenty of other users any single spammer can take the server down which means your website will not function during this time. You have to think twice if you want to host your website in shared hosting in the ecommerce world, especially if the website is used for business.


Linux VPS is more powerful, can be controlled lot more then shared hosting service. The best part of Linux VPS hosting is you would get complete root access to your server, where you can control the setup. With this special feature you install/uninstall your desired software, OS and much other software which come as inbuilt with the server in easy and quick steps without asking for any support for your service provider. Linux VPS are highly secured, powerful and optimized for good speed.


Linux VPS hosting is highly scalable. This means you can increase the bandwidth of your consumption as and when required. For example, if you’re starting a website and not aware of traffic you receive, VPS hosting is the best choice because you could scale your bandwidth, resource etc. easily without having any downtime or technical problems.

Affordable Price

Linux VPS hosting is very cost effective and affordable to any small business website compared to highly expensive services in the past. With the popularity of virtualization technology, business competition and usability the prices of VPS would drop down. You could find VPS hosting at as low as $ 5 per month, which is much cheaper from many shared hosting service providers cost with risk free.

Your never look back to shared hosting space if you switch to VPS hosting services. It’s also important to choose a good service provider with good customer support. Check out DiggDigital’s incubated hosting company for VPS hosting services.

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5 ways to choose a SEO friendly web hosting service providers

web hosting service providers
Web Hosting service providers

With the rise in Digital marketing trends from last decade, all the corporate, freelancers, companies, have worked with number of web hosting service providers in India. We have seen people trying out all sorts of web hosting, VPS hosting packages, dedicated servers offshore. To choose a SEO friendly web hosting provider is a tricky part with lot of hosting services providers out there in the market. Due to large industry competition between the hosting service providers they are forced to provide high discounts at low cost to the end users.

Neither of the hosting company is bad, having said that does not even mean all the providers are good too. Here below are few tips to help you find good SEO friendly hosting service provider.

How long are they in Business – This one of the factor to be noticed but not really a factor to gauge. If the company is doing business since several years, it’s accounted to be one of the good signs to be a service provider than a new start up. With this we can also understand the company which is been running since long would have provided quality service to its clients otherwise they would not have existed that long in the business.

Reputation – Reputation acts as one of the primary factors for any hosting provider. It’s easy to find the reputation of any hosting company just over a Google search. Make a short research on what people talk about the web hosting company in forums, social media and so on. You will also be able to identify the signs of the activity and engagement from their website look and feel, speed or if it provides hosting service for relatively cheaper price than others.

Customer Reviews – Reviews play another prominent role in identifying good web hosting service provider. Find out the customer opinion about the services, customer support, up-time etc. Look at the reviews provided by customers on hosting review sites, forums and social media channels. Social media engagement with their customers to their questions is very important which ensure their work response time and availability.

Russia linux Vps- Parkinhost
Russia Linux Vps- Parkinhost

Datacenter – Quality and reputation of Data-center is another very important factor to be considered while choosing a web hosting service provider in India. Check if they own a data-center or they resell services of a data-center. Check out the technology they provide with their hardware specifications in order to know if the hardware in not outdated.

Live Chat Support – Every hosting customer wants to have a quick chat with the executives with their initial set of questions and payment problems and procedures. It’s a very good sign of good SEO hosting provider if they engage in live chat support.

Hope this article has helped to find good, reliable SEO web hosting service providers.  Feel free to drop your comments and feedback below.

5 easy ways for link building

Back-links are traffic generator to your website. Link building or back-links are the links which drive traffic to your website from any other domains. Any link to your website which is seeded in the website other than yours is termed are link-back or back-link.

“Rate your website higher in SEO“, here are 5 easy ways for link building.

5 Easy ways for Link Building
5 Easy ways for Link Building

Clients – Your clients are the ones who value you and recommend you. Missing out this valuable link is not a great sign.

Forum – Discussing on forums is the main source of get a back-link to your website. Engage in forum discussions and seed a soft back link

Social – We having many high rated social media channels, never miss out micro blogging with the link. You never know if it gets viral.

Bookmarking – Add your site to tons of good DA valued bookmarking sites which is a great source of back-link

Blogs/Articles – Content playing a lead role is yet another source of back-links. Write articles, influence people which yield you on a longer run.

Contact us at DiggDigital if you have any queries or need support in link building

Build Website Traffic from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Build Website Traffic from Search Engine Optimization (SEO)








Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique to build online traffic to your website.”

Google rules the web space crawling tons and tons of websites every day. Having thousands of website build every single day, each and every individual website has 100’s of competing website’s listed in google search engine.  In order to be one among those of your competitors you need to search engine optimize your website.

Every website comprises of user interface design and development, on the other hand its developing website Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly. Search engine optimization is a state of art which helps in indexing your business website in google search engine crawlers. Indexing your website is the primary task in SEO, google indexing alone is not the core objective.

SEO is branched out in two parts i.e ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO. For any Google friendly website, below are the few basics optimizations which are carried out as a part of ON Page SEO.

Title – Title plays a prominent role to any web page in a website. Analyze the business page and add suitable page title, make sure the title is not repetitive on multiple pages

Keywords – Every page in a website is unique. Every page describes different elements or concepts in the website. Identifying and Building search friendly keywords help us target the page in search engine

Description – Google identify your website based on the meta description you provide. Adding a well-tuned description of any page having its title and keyword in the description is a good sign

Google Analytics & Webmaster – Adding analytics code and webmaster will you track your website traffic and site errors listed from google to your website


Major task in Search engine optimization would be your OFF page techniques, which build your website traffic and reputation. There are no predefined steps or techniques followed as a part of OFF page SEO but few important optimization techniques would be

Backlink Building – Back link is a process of building a link to you ‘xyz’ website from any other ‘abc’ website. Having a link from any other website to your website will help increase traffic to your business website and lead generation. Organic Back-links building plays prominent role in your OFF page SEO techniques

Forum Discussions – Being active and share knowledgeable information in the forums helps build back-links, traffic and your website/business reputation. Which also stands an indication of your online presence and activity.

Social media – Being listed your website in social media channels helps in building traffic and engagement to your business website.

All the above process in Search engine optimization-SEO are organic and are carried out free of cost.

Advertising –  Advertising with google is another important advanced technique in SEO which costs and gives you more yield. For an instant spike in traffic and lead generation advertising with google will help you scale the no’s.